Ketchikan Halibut

Welcome to Ketchikan Alaska and some of the best Halibut fishing in the world! We are able to access world class salmon and halibut fishing within about an hour of town, all the while in the protected “Inside Passage”. What this means for our guests is that you won’t have to sit through a long multi-hour ride out to the fishing grounds and you wont have to fish in big ocean swells and rough water. We spend a lot of time and energy searching for the best spots to catch Halibut so that you will have a really good opportunity to catch one even on a short fishing trip.


Ketchikan halibut fishing charters

Halibut fishing in Ketchikan with Captain Jim

Halibut fishing in Ketchikan is possible even if you are only in town for part of a day on a cruise ship! We regularly take clients from the Disney Wonder, Carnival cruise lines, Holland America Cruise lines, Princess cruise lines and all the other carriers as well. As long as your cruise ship is in Ketchikan for at least 6 hours we can usually make a halibut fishing trip work.

Captain Jim is a born and raised Ketchikan man that has been fishing for sport and commercial purposes since he was just a boy. A lifetime of local fishing knowledge goes to work for you when you step on his charter boat and you can be sure he will put you on the fish your looking for. Whether you are new to the sport of fishing, or a lifetime angler, Captain Jim will help you to realize your Halibut fishing dream when you come to Ketchikan.

Halibut Fishing Ketchikan Alaska

Halibut fishing in Ketchikan Alaska with Captain JIm

Southeast Alaska is not only home to terrific Halibut fishing, we also have great Ling-Cod and Red-Snapper fishing along with many other species of rock-fish and cod. It is not uncommon to catch between 5 and 10 different species of fish in 1 anchor set while fishing around Ketchikan!

Ketchikan halibut fishing

Halibut fishing in Ketchikan

We specialize in working with both cruise ship guests and multi-day adventurer’s, just let us know what your Ketchikan Halibut Fishing dreams are and we will see to the rest.

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We obey all State and Federal fishing regulations while Halibut Fishing in Ketchikan Alaska. You can find all these rules and alot of useful information at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website as well as at the NOAA federal website.