Halibut Fishing

Ketchikan offers anglers a unique fishing experience within Alaska because we don’t have long multi-hour runs out to the fishing grounds. From the time we leave the dock we can be on good halibut fishing within an hour. The best part for many people is that we fish in the protected Inside Passage, so you don’t have to deal with  big ocean swells! Although we cant guarantee that you’ll stay dry (Ketchikan has annual rainfall of 140 inches, with some years coming closer to 200), it is unusual for people to get seasick when fishing fish us. Passengers that are accustomed to fishing in other areas often comment about how nice the water is and what a relief it is to not have to deal with motion-sickness.

Salmon Face

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The halibut fishing around Ketchikan is usually in water between 150 and 300 feet deep, which means that almost anyone can pull in one of these beautiful fish. We use light enough tackle that you will feel every head shake and run that these powerful fish provide, and our gear is also stout enough that when the time is right you can crank them into the boat and into your freezer! We use top of the line Shimano fishing gear that is nice enough that pro and amateur fishermen alike will appreciate it.